Zoë’s happy day!

Finally, the day had arrived! After asking me for months, “Is it time yet? Do you think it’s ready yet? Do you think Roger will phone us soon?” we were on our way to collect the sacks of finished yarn. As we didn’t have to cross moors and navigate through single track lanes this time it was a much smoother journey, and before very long this was my view from the driver’s seat!

If I’d thought Zoë was excited when we first visited the wool depot, it was nothing on how she was when she got her mitts on the finished yarn! She practically fizzed the whole way home, and spent a good part of the journey huffing in the new-yarn-smell.


I dropped her off at her home on Barry Island, and I think that before I had even got home, fourteen miles away, she had cast on and knitted a large amount of her first tension square! 

We had already drawn up a wish list of colours that we wanted to dye, and so when we had our first dye day we were able to draw upon my yarn dyeing experience to develop our first range of colourways. Of course, we made a few mistakes and learned a lot about how our particular yarn would take the dye. It is amazing how differently it dyes up compared to the white yarn that I buy wholesale for Owl About Yarn. Our yarn is not superwash treated, which means that it could felt if you tried hard enough, but also seems to make it harder to make it take all the dye. I noticed a considerable rise in dyeing times. But it was all worth it when we were able to view our kaleidoscope of yarn colours all ready and waiting for our launch, marketing drive and then debut at Wonderwool Wales!


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