Artistic talent is not something I possess…

…so it was a real relief to find Sam Goodlet of SamDrawsThings who agreed to design our branding. She was fantastic from beginning to end, and I would thoroughly recommend her for any and all of your drawing needs!

We knew more or less what we wanted, but lacked the skills to transfer our thoughts to paper or screen! Luckily we were able to put together a mood board of colours, fonts etc and Sam psychically gathered our imaginings and made our very gorgeous logo!

cartref-logo-for-FBWe wanted a heritage feel, and decided on the parchment-type background. Green and red seemed obvious colours for the details as they are the traditional colours of Wales, but we decided on deeper, more elegant versions of the primary colours used in the Welsh flag.

Sam knocked it out of the park. When we got the first draft we were amazed by how clearly she had understood our incoherent ramblings! She gave us a choice of outlines of Wales to choose from, as well as a handful of fonts. Zoë and I narrowed down our choices and in a very short space of time Sam sent back the finished branding pack. As well as the logo she made us banners for web pages and social media sites and ball bands and told us the name of the font she had used so that we could keep our own branding work consistent.

Next up; collecting our first yarn!

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