So, how did Cartref Yarn come into being? Who thought of it? Why?

It all began when I left Zoë alone for a week while I went on a family holiday to Tenerife in April last year. Apparently leaving her unoccupied (apart from her business, husband, three kids and dog) is a bad idea because it gives her extra thinking time. Anyway, I had no phone service or internet signal, and so hadn’t been able to be in hourly contact (as we generally are, most days). Eventually I logged in to the hotel WiFi one evening and was horrified to see seventeen messages ping up in rapid succession from Zoë! Being a catastrophist, my first thought was that someone must have died, and my second that my house must have burned down, so it was with great trepidation and anxiety that I read the messages.

And that’s when I learned of her idea to jointly produce an entirely Welsh yarn. After heaving a sigh of relief that none of the awful things I had imagined had come to pass, I video called her and she laid out the idea. We then spent the rest of my holiday pinging thoughts about names and colours and timetables back and fore.

After getting back I was straight into Wonderwool Wales prep and so only talking over the idea happened until we got to the show. Whereupon, the next step in the process was talking to Roger of Curlew Weavers at the festival and establishing that he would be happy to spin for us. Now we had only (ha!) to source the wool, and we could get this show on the road!

Next….getting the fleece. Road trip!

One thought on “Origins!

  1. Hi there girls!!!! Can’t wait to see this beautiful scrumptious yarn for sale online. It is a definite purchase in lots of the colours. Patterns too!!!!! wow!!!!
    Amanda Williamson


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