Wonderwool Wales 2019

Zoë and I in front of our brand new Cartref Yarn display!

Last weekend we had our annual visit to Wonderwool Wales, but this year there was an important new addition to our stand – we launched Cartref Yarn to the world! We had so many lovely compliments, and we’re both really looking forward to seeing what is created by the purchasers.

As you will remember if you were in the UK last weekend, Storm Hannah made things very windy and cold on Saturday. It was bitterly cold in those big barns! They are ventilated under the eaves for the comfort of the animals in the summer. Unfortunately that, coupled with the concrete floors, meant that the temperature was a good couple of degrees colder inside than out.

Sunday was much warmer, plus I got my annual helping of pierogis from Old Granary Pierogis who were selling in the street food area. The ice cream van was definitely doing a better trade on Sunday too!

Zoë and I managed to have a nice wander around the show before it opened on Sunday morning, and a look at what everyone else had brought. Once the show opened, it quickly felt busier than Saturday, which is very unusual. Maybe it was just that everyone felt warmer and so was moving a little faster, like water molecules being heated that I was taught about at school! Sunday flew by with more interest from local yarn shops as well as plenty of sales to lovely knitters. And before we knew where we were, we were all packed up and on our way home again.

Since the weekend it has been thrilling to see our customers share their purchases on social media and even start to knit some up! We will be announcing the online launch for the yarn very soon, but in the mean time, make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter so that you don’t miss out! We will also send notices of future yarn releases plus patterns we will publish for the yarn and other relevant news.

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